Play Tournaments to Get the Blackjack Online Bonus

Online blackjack tournaments are the special form of the blackjack game. The players don't compete with the banker, but they play against each other. The aim of the game is still to beat the dealer, but to get the bigger amount of chips, than the other players. Playing blackjack tournaments, gamblers receive the opportunity to win blackjack online bonus offers and to get the advantage over the house.

How to Play

  • At the beginning of the game players pay the buy-in fee.
  • Than players receive the chips (equal amount).
  • The tournament consists of the rounds, containing the certain amount of hands (normally the playing round makes 15, or 20, or 25 or 30 hands).
  • After the end of the round the winners are detected, so several players move to the other round and the others are eliminated.
  • One of the most important tasks of the gambler is to watch the chips amounts of the other players at the table.
  • Players at the table can chat with each other and share their experience.

Elimination Blackjack

In this tournament players compete during 3-5 rounds to get to the game at the final table. The blackjack online bonus amount of the tournament depends on the number of entries. Losers don't receive any money, and the final table gamblers get the largest winning sum. Remember, the casino hasn't an advantage in the blackjack tournaments, so it's a good opportunity to train your skills and mastery.

Tournaments Types

  1. Single Table Tournament. It has two subtypes:
    • Heads-up Tournament. The game is played by the two players at the table. It lasts 10 rounds.
    • Sit and Go Tournament. This tournament type is played by 3-6 gamblers, and lasts as the previous one for 10 rounds.
  2. Multi-Table Tournament.

    It contains numerous tables of gamblers, who play at the same time. The number players can vary from 30 to 100 and the number of rounds will be announced after the registration. Only two players move to the other round from each table. One of the disadvantages of this tournament type it can take much time to take part in, as there are many pauses between rounds (waiting for all tables to finish). While playing it is recommended to use the blackjack strategies, as the players' odds are very good there and winning possibilities high.

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