Composition Dependance

If you have been playing blackjack games for a while now, you have probably already heard about basic strategies of the game. Basically, these strategies will tell you what to do after seeing the up card of the dealer. Several players do not find this strategy very effective, though, because it only takes the total of the hand into account as opposed to all of the cards that make a contribution to that total. Well, the composition-dependent strategy of blackjack looks at every card and suggests certain actions based on them.

An Example

Take a total of 11, for example. According to basic blackjack strategy, a hand total of 11 that faces an up card of 4 should stand. However, the composition-dependent blackjack strategy says that you need to look at every hand that makes the total before taking action. So, taking this total of 11, if it took a 10 and an Ace to make it, you should choose to hit. If your total is 11, but composed of a 9 and 2, 8 and 3, or 7 and 4, you should choose to stand. On a similar note, different combinations suggest more actions.

When Does It Work Best?

The composition-dependent blackjack strategy would work best under unique rule sets, though, including standing with a soft 17, single decks, dealer peeks for Blackjack, no surrender, players are only allowed to split once, only one card is dealt after splitting Aces, and players can double down after splits. When used the right way, the composition-dependent blackjack strategy can offer up a 0.1541% edge over the house, which can easily get you more money as more time goes by.

Now, it is true that you might find this strategy a bit awkward, especially if you already use the basic strategy. However, this strategy comes with personal benefits. It isn't talked about a lot since Edward Thorpe revolves his book around the basic blackjack strategy - a book that had a strong impact on blackjack's popularity. However, many other strategies that are just as competent do exist out there today.

Having said that, whether you decide to try out the composition-dependent strategy of blackjack or not is your choice. It works sometimes and it doesn't work other times, but who can really move away from the risks of gambling loss, anyway?

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