Labouchere System

As well as the Martingale system, the Labouchere system relies on negative progression when it comes to betting. In a nutshell, this means that you need to bet higher whenever you lose, so you can gain your losses back. This system is also known as the cancellation or cross-out system.

How It Works

There are two ways with which this system is usable. First, write a random number series down in whatever order and length. Or, determine a unit amount to win during a single session. If you play at a table with a minimum of $5, for example, you can aim to reach 30 units. Although the number series is meant to be random, the numbers need to have a sum of 30.

To put the system to use during an actual game, just take the outside numbers and add them together. This will be your bet. If you win that hand, cross out the outer numbers and keep going with the next numbers outside. Keep going this same way. On bet number three, you might lose a hand. When this happens, instead of crossing the numbers out, add the equivalent bet to the very end of your sequence.

Keep going with the exact same system and after every number has been crossed out, you should have made a profit and you can begin with a brand new number series, if you'd like.

What Beginners Should Know

If this is your first time using the system, it would be highly recommended to set conservative goals of winning (maybe 10 units). Make sure the value strings are short and quite low, as well, because the numbers will be acting as the unit multiplier of the base.

The big problem that lies with the Labouchere system would be the fact that if a very long series of losses is hit, it is possible to get stuck in an extremely long session just to get a profit Another risk, like with the Martingale system, would be the fact that the limit of the table will be hit eventually, which means that you will have to make the required bet to make up for the losses and could end up hitting a massive loss.

If the minimum of the table is $5, the highest bet will usually be $100 and just looking at that number shows you the risk of the system in itself. Even if table limits weren't an issue, you could still lose your bankroll prior to finishing the required series in order to get your money back.

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