Martingale Betting System - Beat Blackjack Easy

Blackjack is not just the game of good luck, but the game where gamblers' decisions play important role too. There exists a great possibility to increase players' odds and beat the house in the game by the usage of effective betting strategies, the most famous of which are Labouchere and Parlay betting systems.

Martingale betting systems gives players the opportunity to increase their winning chances in the short run. A lot of gamblers criticize it, as it can't beat the casino in the long play. But many people play for several hours only and this system is their chance to make the play more profitable.

Martingale Betting System

It is one on the most effective and the oldest betting systems. Its principle is easy:

  1. The player puts standard wager, for example $10.
  2. If he/she wins it is necessary to place the same wager amount on the next hand.
  3. If the gambler loses, he/she should double the initial wager for the nest one.
  4. When the player receives winning hand after several losing ones, his/her win net is $10.
  5. In the winning run, you'll receive $10 each time.

Martingale System Risks

  • Not each player has the opportunity to double the bet each time, as it requires the possession of pretty big sum of money.
  • Don't overplay. The most recommended time play for the usage of this system is about an hour.


  • The payer should take into account the type of the game, the initial wager amount, and his/her bankroll.
  • It is necessary to remember, the longer the game is played, the more likely the gambler to lose.
  • If you have small bankroll, your winning chances automatically decrease.
  • While playing blackjack, the gambler should take into consideration not only the bankroll amount needed for the doubling of the bets, but the money amount required for doubling down and splitting hands options.
  • Usage of the blackjack strategy together with the martingale or any other of the betting systems will definitely increase your chances to beat the casino dealer.

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