Paroli Betting System

Because the Paroli blackjack system puts positive progression to use when betting, that means that any player can join its management system of betting. To begin using the system, just bet any amount - say the minimum betting requirement. If you win that bet, you will use all the profit plus the initial bet for the succeeding bet. Essentially, you will double your money with each win as each bet gets higher.

There is one small difference between Paroli and Parlay: the percentage that is used in their succeeding bets. Basically, Paroli puts all of the profits to use. This means that for every $1 bet made and won, you will get $2. The following bet will then use this whole profit along with the initial bet ($2 in total), so the win would result in $4, with every winning after that doubling. If the first $1 bet is lost, you should bet $1 again. As with any other positive system of betting out there, this system's goal would be to make higher bets when winning hands progressively.

When to Use It

The Paroli system of betting should be used if you want to play it safe or if your bankroll is really small. Now, this may be the safest management system of betting out there, but you still need to learn when to quit and take the profit in the end - remember that. The disadvantage that comes with this system would be that winning and betting many blackjack hands will leave you without any profits whatsoever after one loss. Because of this, a lot of people prefer Parlay.

The Paroli betting strategy works similarly to ladders where every rung will double your money. You will eventually need to think about which rung is going to be the final bet and cash out before beginning from the bottom again. The chances of winning 10 hands or more straight are very low and by then; you should have already won thousands with the system.

As with the system of Parlay, the Paroli system works best while counting cards and using the basic strategy of blackjack. Once you overcome the house edge, you are practically guaranteed to keep winning as more time goes by anyway. Using a betting system will only make your winnings greater, as well, but this will depend on the amount of time you spend playing winning streaks and not losing your whole bet.

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