Splitting Pairs

When it comes to blackjack, pair 10s do not need to follow the same rules as other pairs before they can be split. No, pair 10s can refer to a Jack and a 10, a Queen and a Jack, or a King and a Queen, not just pair 10s, pair Jacks, pair Queens, or pair Kings - and all of these can be split.

Keeping a Pair of 10s

Many blackjack players hold different thoughts on how blackjack should be played, but most of them believe that pair 10s can only be played one way: in a nutshell, since 20 is a great hand, it shouldn't be messed with. As a matter fact, many people claim that splitting 10s is basically giving up the winning hand to lose with two. Do remember that winning hands get paid and losing one's doing, though.

Other Ways to Deal with It

Several players - usually blackjack beginners, or those who count cards or are drunk or upset at other players - might not decide to stand on pair 10s, though. Several players might choose to bring out second bets equal to their initial bet and tell the dealer to split them. When 10-valued cards are split and they get Aces on them, it will not be considered a natural blackjack, though, since natural blackjacks have to combine an Ace and a 10-value card as the initial two cards.

In this case, your initial two cards would be the initial 10-value cards that you got. Instead, if you get an Ace on your split, it will be seen as a soft 21, or even an 11 that you can double down on.

Since the basic blackjack strategy advises never to split pair 10s, though, it would be recommended not to do anything but stand with a 20, hope to win, or expect a tie or a push. After all, the basic blackjack strategy bases itself on odds that are calculated; it isn't a guess. This means that if you go through with this strategy letter for letter, you can succeed more than you fail. Remember that you shouldn't expect loss of profits, though. Standing on pair 10s like the basic blackjack strategy suggests merely means that you're playing your cards right, according to the math.

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