Uston Counts

Ken Uston, a famous player of blackjack, gained his notoriety in the 1970s after successfully suing several casinos and bringing out the court ruling of card-counting not being illegal or being a form of cheating. When used the right way, Uston's point count gives players the chance to manage betting strategies, so they can get the most money out of their experiences and limit their losses at the same time.

The Background Theories

Blackjack's goal is to get a hand near 21 without busting or getting beat by the dealer. You can usually get a lot of money by doing this. However, you will still need to make advanced bets prior to the cards being dealt.

Therefore, there is only way to make good money with blackjack: develop the perfect system that will help you predict which cards will come out. Well, Ken Uston's Point Count happens to be a system that does that, and although it isn't easy to use for beginners, it is still extremely accurate.

The Mechanics

Point Count works just like other systems of card-counting out there, but it also adds several point levels, which are far more accurate and which make it so attractive to begin with.

This accuracy costs something, though - you have to go through mental arithmetic extremely fast and keep a normal face going at the same time because the majority of casinos will throw you out if they realize you are trying to count card. Although they cannot prosecute you because card-counting isn't actually illegal, they can get you to stop playing.

The Point Count assigns points to various card groups inside the deck (suits are ignored). Depending on the cards that appear, you then keep a total inside your head, adding to and subtracting from it, as needed.

2s and 8s count as +1. 3s, 4s, 6s and 7s count as +2. 5s are +3. 9s are -1. Royals and 10s are -3. Ace is 0.

All of these values get added or subtracted from the total inside your head. Whenever the count stands in your favor, make big bets to maximize your winnings.

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