Winning Blackjack Strategies Outlook

Let's talk about the winning blackjack strategies and their peculiarities. Many gamblers think that their cards are most important in the play. But the dealer's card really matters. Let's follow the blackjack game probabilities and you'll understand everything yourself.

Blackjack Game Peculiarities

  • The blackjack is usually played with 1-8 decks of cards. The most advantageous is one-deck game, as the gamblers have the possibility to track all the cards.
  • The deck of cards consists of 13card types with their own values:

    The Aces - 1 or 11 points

    2s-10s - ace counted according to their face values

    Face Cards - 10 points.

  • The probability of the appearing of the 10-value card is 1:3. So if the banker has an Ace as his up-card he has the 1:3 chances to receive the blackjack combination.
  • If the banker has the 6-value up-card, there still exists 1:3 possibility of appearing the 10-valued card. This time the dealer will have 16 points and according to the blackjack basic rules, he needs to take one more additional card. After hitting the dealer usually busts.

Splitting Pairs

Blackjack splitting pairs strategy is one of the most effective strategies. The gambler has the possibility to split the hand of paired cards and play them as two separate ones. After the splitting it is required to double the initial bet amount.

The blackjack basic strategy always recommends splitting pairs of 8's and Aces. After splitting of any of this hands player receives the possibility to play two good hands.

Double Down Strategy

The option of doubling down is very profitable for the gamblers if:

  • He/she has 10 or 11 points.
  • The banker has 6 as his up-card.

If you take this option you need to place the bet with the same amount as the initial one is.

Usage of the winning blackjack strategies and systems will definitely increase your winning chances, but if you want to win for sure, it is recommended to use the card counting techniques.

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