Blackjack Card Counting History Guide

Blackjack card game has unique and interesting history. Its roots appeared in France in the 17th century. The blackjack ancestor was called "Vingt-en-Un", that in French means "21". Its rules differed insignificantly from the modern ones, as the doubling down option was available to dealer only and the betting was made after each round. The objective of the game was the same: to get 21 points or close to this sum without exceeding it.

Card Counting History

During the whole history of the blackjack game history players tries to beat the casino and increase their winning chances.

1953 - Roger Baldwin made the 1st try to study blackjack game. He with his associates used calculating methods and statistics theory to decrease the blackjack house edge.

1956 - their findings were published in the "Optimum Strategy in Blackjack". It was the 1st blackjack strategy guide.

1962 - American professor Edward Thorp created blackjack calculating systems and used machines for his researches. In his famous book "Beat the Dealer" he describes the first blackjack card counting system. The book had a huge success among readers and many gamblers started playing blackjack. But the Thorp's book was difficult to understand and system was uneasy to use. Casinos realized that the rising of blackjack game popularity can bring them much profit and new gamblers, so they created a lot of blackjack varieties and playing tables.

The most outstanding personality in the blackjack history is Ken Uston, famous for his books: "The Big Player", "Ken Uston on Blackajck" and "Million Dollar Blackjack". He created his Uston counts method and made millions dollars on blackjack game. Ken Uston was one of the first members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

1990's - the year was successful for the group of students, who used group counting to beat the casino. It was called "MIT Blackjack Team". They won millions of dollars playing blackjack before they were banned in 1997 from casinos.

Nowadays blackjack game continues its development and card counting techniques are improved with each day. The game is popular around the globe and everyone should try playing it to receive unforgettable impressions.

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