Parlay Betting System

The Parlay strategy of betting uses positive progression and depends on letting wagers ride in order to compound on each other - kind of like the Paroli betting system. Parlay involves some risks and doesn't ask for big bankrolls. However, it does depend on winning several straight bets to get a profit. Plus, the bettor has to have discipline when it comes to pressing 'reset'.

How It Works

Parlay depends on you. You need to let you writings ride or pyramid on your regular blackjack bets. As every bet happens, you combine every previous winning bet with your initial bet. This betting system can keep going until your bankroll runs out. Ideally, though, Parlay works for players who can get up early or those that want to play shorter sessions than usual.

The Real Deal: Examples

To better explain how this system works in blackjack, here is an example. If you play blackjack online with a minimum $1 bet unit and a table maximum of $100, you should start with a $1 bet. If you win, your next bet should be $1, plus the winnings of $1 - a total of $2. If you win again, bet $5. Basically, you have to let your winnings work for you.

If the table limits are the same elsewhere, make another $1 bet in play. Choose to play regular bets, so you can get used to the table. Then, after shoe number one, you should be up by $8. At this point, you can then use Parlay to let your winnings work for you. If you ever end up breaking even, just go back to betting $1.

If you play a hand and lose, then bet $1. If you lose the second hand, your profit should be $6. If you win the third hand, you should have bet and won $1. If you win the fourth hand, you should have bet and won $2. Let your winnings go with the fifth hand with a $5 bet. If you win this hand, go back to a single bet each and begin Parlay again. Anyway, you will need to start over if you lose, too.

With proper discipline, Parlay can become very profitable for average players of blackjack.

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